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The future of PR is participating in an ongoing dialog with your customers, not just pitching. In today’s fast-paced electronic environment of new media and social networking, there are many more “in-the-moment” ways to reach your audience than just traditional media outlets. Our relationships with editors, writers, and other members of the media are evident in our clients’ clip books, but traditional media has become one piece of a larger increasingly interactive puzzle. We believe the real goal of Public Relations should be to help you connect and interact with your customers—and to transform that connection into a lasting relationship.

Given online opinion aggregation tools, peer-based consumer review sites, and the burgeoning “blogosphere,” you now have to assume every one of your customers is a reviewer. This becomes a huge opportunity—and challenge—both to capitalize on the ever-expanding channels to get your message out, as well as to react swiftly to the immediacy of the new media. The customer who patronizes your business can be writing about that experience that same day, reaching potentially thousands of eyeballs. We know the online landscape, and can help you track activity and respond to feedback in real time, capitalizing on positive feeds and swiftly putting out any fires that crop up.



We can certainly help with placement in traditional and new media outlets, but sometimes that’s not the only or best way to get the word out about your business offering. Combining traditional marketing know-how brought in line with modern methods and online tools, we can help you go straight to the source with your message. Micro-targeted market research brings immediate demographics into sharp focus, allowing you to direct your efforts toward the only audience that counts—your customers. Our “guerilla marketing” techniques provide clear metrics to track results, and reduce the cost of print and production of a wide-net scattershot approach. Plus we can take your message to our exhaustive email list—a database of regional scene makers—to become our own media outlet.


Whether it’s a gala opening, special celebration, or themed promotion, often the best way to build a buzz is to host an event that sets your business apart as distinctive. We have helped launch some of the most vibrant hospitality and consumer industry offerings in the Bay Area and transformed previously sleepy dos into must-attend highlights of the social scene. With our strong in-house experience in promotions and planning, we can ensure all aspects—from concept to kick-off—go smoothly. Tapping our extensive network of media and other influential industry opinion-shapers, we can transform any event into a well-attended toast of the town. So go ahead, create a scene. We’re here to help.



Your biggest opportunity for success is when the customer experiences your business or product; they will either become your evangelists, or your opponents. Before we help you raise your profile among consumers, let our strong operational consulting help elevate your offering to the highest level of quality possible. Brand begins with excellence, and our experienced and objective counsel can help you put your best foot forward, to draw all the right kinds of attention from media and customers alike.



Often your first encounter with your customers is online or through the printed page. Our design team can distill the essence of your message into dynamic cohesive visual brand collateral, including photography, logo & signage, event invites, website design, newsletters, blogs, and more. We’re continuing to innovate and increase our ability to attract media attention for our clients by creating exciting video press releases (check out our Virtual Press Room). At Rivera Public Relations, we have an image to uphold… yours.

Our Clients

Rivera PR’s clients range from mom-and-pops to multi-unit operations. We believe there are no jobs too small—and no successful results too large to achieve for our clients, given the proper planning and execution. We can put together an ongoing package to exceed your expectations, with scalable solutions to fit any budget. Or we can triage your needs to provide a focused effort when your business needs a helping hand.

As a valued client, you are part of something bigger: you join a community of excellence, alongside some of the most vibrant industry players. A big part of continued success is about making connections, and we help you do that with customers, the media, and colleagues on our roster. We have experience developing unique, innovative multi-client initiatives to cross-promote, capture synergy among resonant brands, and gain efficiencies—always offering demonstrable results greater than the sum of its parts.

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